Fredericia Musicalteaters teaterdirektør Ferry Hogeboom er fortid på Fredericia Musicalteater. Det bekræfter bestyrelsesformand Grete Højgaard.

Den kreative direktør på Fredericia Musicalteater, hollænderen Ferry Hogeboom, har valgt at trække sig fra posten pr. dags dato. Ferry Hogeboom har været teatrets kreative direktør siden august 2021, men træder nu tilbage på grund af private forhold.

Ferry Hogeboom udtaler i en pressemeddelelse:

– Only a year ago I was warmly welcomed to the city of Fredericia as well as its new theater. From that moment on I went on an exciting and prosperous journey to establish Fredericia Musicalteater with the team. It is with great sorrow that, only after a year, I have had to hand in my resignation as Artistic Director of Fredericia Musicalteater to the board.

Due to severe, and as we know now, long lasting illness within my small household, I won’t be able to be in Fredericia and fulfill my duties with the team in order to further establish Fredericia Musicalteater. I have to be at home to provide the daily care that my wife and my son require at this moment. In addition, the distance between The Netherlands and Denmark is too far to be able to quickly get back in case of emergency. The team, the theater and the city need and deserve an artistic leader who is present, available and fully dedicated to accomplish the demanding goals and expectations. To my greatest dismay I can’t fulfill that role at this moment in my life where I need to take care of and be close to my family.

I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the establishment of Fredericia Musicalteater for the past year. I am proud of the journey I have been on together with the team. And I am convinced that the team will be able to, together with the new artistic leader, fully establish Fredericia Musicalteater as a cultural landmark in the city and in Denmark.”

Bestyrelsesformand for teatret Grete Højgaard:

– Vi er rigtig kede af situationen, men har naturligvis fuld forståelse for, at Ferry vælger at prioritere familien frem for jobbet. Vi har været glade for samarbejdet med Ferry og ønsker ham alt godt fremover.

– Vi har en todelt ledelse på teatret, hvilket betyder, at vi ikke står uden ledelse. Adm. direktør Ole Justesen tager hele ledelsesopgaven og vores producent Rob Hartmann tager sig af den kunstneriske opgave i den periode, hvor vi arbejder med at finde en ny kunstnerisk leder. Vi har i det hele taget et godt og professionelt team, som hver dag gør deres ypperste for at producere store musikalske oplevelser til alle os borgere i Fredericia og til resten af Danmark i øvrigt”.